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General Trading Conditions

  1. Beginning of a commercial relationship
    The contract between the translator and the customer originates on the basis of an order for written or oral translation. Making an order is necessary in oral or written form (at the office, by e-mail, fax or by post), which the translator has to confirm. Confirmation of the order binds the translator by conditions to the full extent. In the case of translation of official documents with legal certification, the clients must bring notarized copies of documents or original documents to the office.*

  2. Calculation of the price of translation and interpreting
    The price of a written translation is calculated on the basis of the amount of characters or words in the document. 1 np (normal page) = 1,800 characters including the spaces. For editable formats (Word, Excel ...), the translator may calculate the price of translation in advance. For uneditable formats (images, audio recordings, pdf ...) the translator can only estimate the price, but the final price is calculated only on the basis of the finished translation. The translator also agrees with the customer on the extra charge for express translations (more than 6 standard pages within 24 hours, translation in several hours), specialization (legal, scientific, accounting and highly technical texts), or the difficulty of the translation process (translation from photos, image processing, translation of recorded clips). The price of interpreting is calculated hourly and depends on the complexity of translation. The time of interpreting and method of transportation to the place of translation must be agreed beforehand due to limited availability of the translator.

  3. Translation
    The translator is obliged to complete the work at the agreed deadline, quality and for an agreed price and submit it in the agreed manner. The customer is obliged to confirm the receipt of the translated text. If the customer fails to do so within 24 hours, it is automatically assumed that the contract is fulfilled and the translator is entitled to produce an invoice which the customer will be obliged to pay before the deadline stated in the invoice. The translator is not liable for any copyright infringement of the customer. The translator is liable for the translated texts to their prices.

  4. Confidentiality
    The translator considers all information received in meetings with customers, oral translation, orders or sent texts for price calculation as confidential. If the submitted text contains expert and other special terms, abbreviations, etc., the customer is obliged to submit a list of used terminology in the appropriate language or to provide other auxiliary materials. The translator is obliged to keep all meetings with the customer confidential, and is also obliged to treat all received materials as strictly confidential.

  5. Price of translation and interpreting
    The translator issues an invoice or receipt for a completed written or oral translation. The payment deadline is agreed on with the customer. The payment could be made in different ways, either in advance, with down payment or after a certain period of time. If the translation is large (more than 6 normal pages per order) or if the translation is too complex (3 or more languages) or in justified cases, the translator negotiates individual terms with the customer (e.g. down payment, pre-payment, partial or full payment, etc). The basis for pricing is the valid translation price list published in the Price List. In exceptional translations individual price may be agreed between the customer and translator. The customer agrees to pay the agreed price for the provided services. Every started page is counted as a whole page. Every started hour of interpreting is counted as a whole hour. Payment for express translation (within 24 hours) amounts to 100% of the original price, payment for express translation (in the presence of the customer) is open for negotiation. Special prices may be offered for long-term cooperation. In case of intentional refusal of payment by the customer, the translator is entitled to act on own discretion and take necessary actions.

  6. Claims / complaints
    Customers have the right to voice their complaints up to 4 weeks after receiving the translation, if the completed work did not meet the agreed quality. After this deadline, it is assumed that the work is completed without defects. Complaints must be applied in writing. If the translator finds the complaint justified, the translator shall ensure proofreading, possibly by an independent translator at own expenses. In this case, the customer will be entitled to a discount on price of the order up to 10%. The translator is liable for any damage caused by errors made by the translation to the price of the translation. The translator is not responsible for damage caused by force majeure. No complaints regarding quality will be recognized if they are submitted late. The customer is required to file any claims of defect without delay after it is discovered, no later than 4 weeks from receipt of the translation.

  7. Cancellation of translation and interpreting order
    Both parties have the right to withdraw from the contract if, after the conclusion of the contract, irremovable obstacles occur that prevent them from fulfilling their obligations. In case of cancellation each party is obliged to inform the other in writing (e-mail). When canceling the translation, the customer must pay for the part of the translation that the translator has completed before the cancellation. The completed part or the full translation will be returned to the customer. When canceling or changing the time of interpreting, the customer must inform the translator in advance (up to 3 days) otherwise the down payment will be forfeited.

  8. Final provisions
    These general terms and conditions are binding for both parties. Unless these terms and conditions provide otherwise, any legal relations between the parties are dealt by the Commercial Code of the Czech Republic.

  9. These terms and conditions came into force on January 1, 2010.