Welcome to the site of the court translator Mgr. Ludmila Baskakova


Certificate of no criminal records, medical reports200 – 250 CZK
Birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate etc.250 – 350 CZK
School, work, family status confirmations250 – 350 CZK
School certificate, certification, diploma250 – 350 CZK
and their enclosures300 – 350 CZK
Power of Attorney, Affidavit, Consent, etc350 – 550 CZK
Passport, employment history, pension book, driver’s license350 CZK
Extract from the Business Register, Cadastral Register etc.350 CZK
Medical documents (epicrisis etc.)350 CZK *
Specialized text, contracts, agreements350 CZK *
Translation from/to English from/to Czech350 CZK *
Court decision, police resolution, ministry etc.350 CZK *
Translation from/to English from/to Russian, Ukrainian500 - 550 CZK *
Compilation of a Power of Attorney, Affidavit, etc.350 CZK*
Validation of diplomas2,500 CZK
Proofreading texts100 – 200 CZK

Calculation of the translation price is based on the number of characters or words in the document

One standard page (ns) = 1,800 characters including spaces

Each started page is counted as a full page

Payment for express translation (within 24 hours) – 100 %

Payment for express translation (in the presence of the customer) by agreement

* And more depending on the difficulty of text

I offer discounts for translations to students, to loyal customers and for large quantities

I am not a payer of VAT so my translation prices are final