Welcome to the site of the court translator Mgr. Ludmila Baskakova


I offer translations and interpreting with legal certification in the following language combinations: Czech – English, Czech – Russian, Czech – Ukrainian, direct translations in combination:
English – Russian, English – Ukrainian.

Do you need to translate a document? Do you also need to legally certify it? Do you have to deal with government offices and need the help of a court translator at the Registry Office or any other council?

I am ready to help you. Orders can be made in oral or written form (personally or by e-mail, fax, mail), which I, the translator have to confirm. In the case of translation of official documents with legal certification, the clients must submit notarized copies of documents or original documents. I always try to respond as soon as possible, so you can decide whether the proposed price and deadline suit you.

I build my business relationships upon customer satisfaction and if possible I always try to do everything on time and match the quality of the oral and written translation with the price. If I can, I like to translate the text immediately. After the confirmation of receipt of the order you can be sure that the translation is going to be fully processed. I organize my current work so that there is always enough time to complete it, even if it means rejecting other orders. If I have enough time I will add your order to my schedule, but if I currently do not have space, I would arrange the nearest acceptable deadline for you. I will only start working on other orders after I complete your translation.

After confirmation of the order you can be sure that you will receive the completed translation on time. Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime! I am pleased to answer your questions, inquiries or requests for pricing translation. I look forward to our cooperation!

The average speed of translation is 6 normal pages per work day. At work I use specialized printed dictionaries and online dictionaries. During translating I always try to create a second original, just in a different language version. I always try to find out maximum information about the translated topic, to make sure that the translation matches the given field both stylistically and terminologically.

I look forward to our cooperation!