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Price calculation is free – please send your requested text to my e-mail: excellence@volny.cz

Received information is treated confidentially.
I offer discounts for translations to students, to loyal customers and for large quantities.
I am not a payer of VAT so my translation prices are final. I estimate the possible deadline for translation completion simultaneously with the price.

For answers to „Why are Your prices so low/high?“ and other related questions see “Frequently Asked Questions” section.

Calculation of the translation price is based on the number of characters or words in the document. I would calculate the exact price of the translation in advance, based on the text sent for preview according to its specialization, difficulty/ease of processing, the required time and the overall volume. Calculation of the translation price is your guarantee that you will always know exactly how much it will cost before you choose to order it. Sometimes we can give you a rough estimate (Russian, Ukrainian - due to the difference in the contents of the alphabet), where the final price is calculated only on the basis of the volume of the finished translation.

One normal page (ns) = 1,800 characters including spaces. Information on the number of characters and words is available in MS Word, Tools function - Word Count. Excel or PowerPoint do not have the Word Count function, therefore, all text is copied to Word, and the number of characters is then calculated as mentioned above. For uneditable formats (images, audio recordings, pdf ...) I can give only a preliminary estimate.

The translator issues an invoice or receipt for a completed translation. The payment deadline is agreed on with the customer. If the translation is large (more than 6 normal pages per order) or if the interpreting is too complex (3 or more languages) or in justified cases, the translator negotiates individual terms with the customer (e.g. down payment, pre-payment, partial or full payment, etc.). The customer agrees to pay the agreed price for the provided services. Every started page is counted as a whole page. The price of an interpreting is calculated hourly and depends on the complexity of translation. Every started hour of interpreting is counted as a whole hour. When canceling or changing the time of interpreting, the customer must inform the translator in advance (up to 3 days) otherwise the down payment will be forfeited. Payment for express translation (within 24 hours) amounts to 100% of the original price. Payment for express translation (in the presence of the customer) is open for negotiation. Special prices may be offered for long-term cooperation. In case of intentional refusal of payment by the customer, the translator is entitled to act on her own discretion and take necessary actions.

Ordering translations is done in written form - mostly by e-mail stating your billing information. I will confirm the order and calculate the exact price or an estimate price. (For uneditable documents, the final price is calculated from the resulting volume of translation). I charge extra for the difficulty of the translation process, express delivery or for work on weekends. However, I always try to meet customers halfway regarding the price and time.

I bill the translation after I confirm the order for all ordered and translated texts. The invoice is normally payable within the period of 14 days, unless negotiated otherwise.

In the case of large-scale translations (more than 6 normal pages per order) or, in justified cases, the billing is negotiated individually (down payment for the translation, partial or full payment for translation, etc.). In the cases of long-term translational cooperation and larger orders, we can agree on individual terms.

Any information obtained from ordered and/or translated text shall be absolutely confidential and I am responsible for maintaining their confidentiality. I have signed the Agreement on Confidentiality with some companies.

I would gladly answer your questions about the translation services. Answers to most frequently asked see in our FAQ section.